Beginners Box

Benefits of HairLust Beginners Box

  •    Paraben-, sulfate- & phthalate-free
  •    Suitable for all hair types
  •    Moisturizes and repairs hair
  •    Protects hair from roots to tips
  •    Increases hair's elasticity
  •    Naturally good-for-you ingredients
  •    Easy to use
  •    Protects hair from damage and breakage
  •    Box contains 5 products
Made in Denmark
Natural ingredients
Paraben-, sulfate- & phthalate-free
Restores moisture
hairlust hair oil

HairLust Beginners Box

Let's face it, we all have done it: abandoned our wellbeing and hair care because of busy schedule or action-packed life. Nevertheless, styling products and damage caused by heat leaves the hair thirsty for some TLC. You don't need to change your entire lifestyle for a small betterment. Instead, you can just add a couple of good hair care routines into your daily life. Your hair will thank you later!

HairLust Beginners Box has all the products you need to start with in order to reach that gorgeous mane. The products in the box are formulated to nourish and repair dry, damaged or tired hair. One box, all the needed outer hair care products and a special discount - doesn't get much better!

hairlust hårkur

Beginners Box contains our popular products:

  • 1 x HairLust Hair Growth & Protection Mask 200 ml.
  • 1 x HairLust Hair Strengthening & Protection Hair Oil 45 ml.
  • 1 x HairLust Bamboo Turban Hair Towel, Rose
  • 1 x HairLust Detangle Wet Brush, Rose
  • 1 x HairLust Bath Sponge